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A safe place for our Ukrainian guests and their sponsors
Community room & kitchen: meet friends, cook, eat together, relax, help each other. English conversation and learning. We want it to be your place - your village hall.
Currently available:-
*Internet with free Wi-Fi: keep in touch or work and learn online.>br /> *Advice: Organisations and charities that may help you Information:
*local services, schools, doctors, transport
*Children’s Room: activities, toys, social games and play
*Games Room:, chess, table tennis, pool, badminton, volleyball, video games.
*Out and about: outdoor trips and activities, beach, parks, gardening & games.(When available).

Current poster with new address, Click to open.
International Aid have been sending container loads to Ukraine and Poland since the begining of the cinflict and donations have been made.
We still desperatly need all donations, of Food, dried and tinned with good dates, Clothes for men and shoes.
Clothes for boys aded 13-16 yo, and Bedding, please wash before dropping off.
Items for personal hygiene and feminine hygiene are in short
supply and we thank you for anything you can help with.
This is on going and at present we are running low.
The International Aid website outlines how they work. Click here!
We must thank everyone who helps to load the vans and the drivers who transport the sorted clothes, food and goods to International Aid depot to be loaded into the containers.
  All donations to the UKWC are used to support the welbeing and safety of the guest and the volunteers and people visiting the centre.
* For example we have had a full Gas & Electrical test recently to make the centre
compliant with regulations, and that was over one thousand pounds.
*Buildings regulation inspection to make sure the building is safe
for guests, sponsors & volunteers.
* A full HSE risk assements of all areas and the general running of the building to make sure all risks are identified and what can be done to reduce them.
*With other operating costs on a monthly bases,electricity and lighting, hot water and heating (as is the situation now), and general daily supplies, quickly use up the resourses we have.

So any donations made are gratefully received, and we thank the people who
have made generous donations already. Thank you.
Large items: Items that are too big to store here, can be allocated. Please do not bring items that are large or bulky. We are sorry. Please use the contact page, and we will reply with a yes or no.
"I would like to help with Fundraising". Fundraising as with many Charities is the constant challenge and even more so after Covid-19 and the epidemic as it is today.
We have some wonderful sponsors but as the building is an old property, maintenance and up keep costs are high.
Fire Complicity certificates, Building safety and electrical work and day to day running costs mean we need to raise funds on a constant basis.
Any help with this is greatly received.
Gift-Aid form. Please apply to the Centre on the opening times.
  "Thank you again for offering a home to people fleeing the war in their homeland of Ukraine.
As you will appreciate, it is likely that they when they arrive, your Ukrainian guests are just going to want to experience normality and security for a while.

Please try to give your guests space and time to feel they have a safe place of their own and where they can store any belongings on a permanent basis albeit just for the duration of their stay.

After all, we all know how important it is to know where our toothbrush, comb and ‘stuff’ are.

As a sponsor, please try to make sure your guests are comfortable in their accommodation and that they feel as ‘at home’ as possible.

Although your guests are likely to want peace and quiet initially, access to a mobile phone and the Internet will help them to stay in touch with their family and friends.

That peace and quiet will also mean that your guests probably won’t want to draw too much attention to their arrival or presence. Please remember their need for privacy when using social media or when you have guests at your home.

When they are ready to venture further afield, don’t forget to help your guests familiarise themselves with your local area. Practical advice on how to get around such as where to catch buses and trains could be important.

If you are concerned about your guests physical or mental health, please use the information on Health in our online Questions and Answers to help them find help, advice and support. Here.

Your guests are also likely to want to contact and meet other Ukrainian people locally and you can find details of where they can do this at contact.
  What we do with your DONATIONS.
They are:

Taken to INTERNATIONAL AID TRUST for distribution in Ukraine,
Used here by the centre users.
If we have too much of something or they are not suitable , we will:
Sell them to raise funds for our running costs,
or Passed onto other Charities.