1) Donations/ Free shop:
2 Playroom:
3) Housekeeping:
4) Meet & Greet:
5) D.B.S
Donations: With some wonderful donations of many of the items we needed to send to Poland and the Ukraine through International aid, and we are still send a vast amouts of items still.
Now we are receiving guests who for many do not have any of the items we take for granted, so we constantly need to keep replenishing the 'Shop', (Everything is free & Costs nothing).
These are:
*Clothing,-New or Nearly new,
*Personal care items,
*Bedding New or Nearly new & Sleeping bags, (preferably Laundered),
*Dried Food,
*Some toys, we do not have the room to store to many items.
*Clothing rails are also required.
Free-Shop: The free-shop is monitored when the centre is open. (Not open during lesson times).
We regualry update the running of the shop and streamline it when required.
As donations arrive they are sorted into the various sections and are bagged either to keep in the centre or urgent items are sent to International Aid to be trsnsported to the Ukraine.
Playroom: Speak to manager.
Housekeeping: Maintaining the Welcome Centre requires many different needs.
* Vacuuming/Cleaning.
* Kitchen Duties.
* Tidying.
* Games room/ Classroom attendance.
Door Duty A volunteer, is required to watch the front door, to direct new donations into specific area, also to help maintain security and who is in the centre and volunteers are signed in and out.
Also to watch and keep clear the front drive in, and through fare of traffic.
  D.B.S. checks are made when required. See the Safeguarding section in About us.